Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to buy tickets to the Warrior race if I just want to go to the Only Orchids party with Con Bro Chill?  


A: No. You can buy tickets to the Only Orchids party. You can do that right here:  

Q: Can I just camp and not take part in the Only Orchids party or the Warrior race?  


A: No. The camping pass is ONLY for the vehicle that will be driving back to the campground. Everyone coming into the event will have to have a Warrior ticket or a Only Orchids Party ticket. Camping Pass: Only Orchids Party Tickets: Warrior Race Tickets:  


Q: If I buy a ticket to the Warrior race do I have to buy a ticket to the Only Orchids party?  


A: No. Your Warrior race ticket gets you into the Only Orchids party. You do not need to buy the $10 Only Orchids party ticket.  


Q: How long can I camp if I buy the $25 camping pass?  


A: The whole weekend. 3 nights. Friday night Nov. 10th, Saturday night Nov. 11th and Sunday night Nov. 12th. Grab your camping pass right here:  


Q: Will there be food at the event?  


A: Yes. Paleo To Go will be there. Mike Washington (BBQ genius) will be killing it on the grill.  


Q: Will there be alcohol at the event?  


A: YES! Mudshark Brewery, Romer Beverage and a full bar brought to you by Cha Bones.  


Q: What is the party going to be like?  


A: Songwriter of the Year: Cameron Marin, Sidewynder and CON BRO CHILL will all be playing Saturday starting at 2:00 pm. We will also have a a LIVE DJ. There will be glow sticks, glow accessories and a ton of energy. Beer girls will be slanging the party juice. We’re going to get weird.  


Q: Can I bring my kids?  


A: Of course!  


Q: Do the proceeds go to charity?  


A: Yes. All proceeds go to The Only Orchids Charity who supports local causes.  


Q: What obstacles will be part of the obstacle portion of the race?  


A: It’s a secret.  


Q: Can spectators come and watch the race?  


A: Yes. They must purchase a Only Orchids party ticket. No matter what you must purchase a Only Orchids party ticket… unless you have a Warrior race ticket then you are included. Buy Only Orchids party ticket right here:  


Q: Can I volunteer and help the guys and gals from Only Orchids?  


A: YES! Please fill out this volunteer form: